Key Marketing & SEO Tips for Personal Injury Attorneys

Being a personal injury attorney is all about marketing and understanding what the target market wants.

Here are some of the essential tips you can focus on while building a robust marketing strategy.

Understand the Niche

Do you have a grasp of your niche and who you are targeting as leads?

You want to be able to understand what the client is looking for and what he/she hopes to receive from a new personal injury attorney. If you can get a gist of this, you will already be ahead of the curve when it comes to your competition. Most personal injury attorneys are not aware of their audience, and that hampers their results.

Learn more about the people you are “selling” to, and they will eventually start coming in droves.


Create a Well-Rounded Online Presence

You want to have a proper online presence, and that goes beyond a good website. Yes, the site is the foundation of your online marketing campaign, but it is not the only component. You also want to think about social media accounts, strategic backlinks, directories, and more.

You want to have a balanced profile that is going to let Google/Bing know you are a legitimate law firm. This is how you are going to get a leg up over those who want to grab the same leads as you.

Find the Right “Buying” Keywords

Being able to find the right keywords is just as important as the rest of your SEO campaign. You want to see keywords that will lead you to quality leads. These are keywords that will ensure people are already interested in seeing an attorney.

A good example would be “best personal injury attorney in X city.”

Maximize Local SEO

Local SEO is a big part of your process because you want to find clients in the city. There is little value in finding a client from Mumbai when you’re sitting in New York. Look for local clients and use local search options such as “best personal injury attorney in Manhattan” or “top personal injury attorney in Manhattan.”

Build a Quality Landing Page

Your landing page is just as relevant as any other part of the marketing strategy. Whether you’re running a radio ad or an SEO campaign, there is nothing more important than being able to bring leads back to a quality website to sell them on your services.

This is why building a responsive and fast website is essential. This is going to be the way you seal the deal. If not, you will always lose out on potential clients before they even start to get interested!

These are the tips every personal injury attorney has to take into account while looking to have an online presence. Some too many attorneys go through the motions when it comes to their marketing campaigns, and it shows through their yearly results. It’s essential to break things down and start to leverage your potential for long-term growth. It is going to take time to fine-tune the process, but once you get going, the results will pour in quickly.

A smart personal injury attorney has to keep these tips in mind and then use them for continuous growth.


Marketing Essentials Example: Powering Up A Yoga Studio


For a yoga studio, a stellar location, terrific equipment, and wonderful teachers can only get you so far. Now is a perfect opportunity to think about some marketing concepts that are sure to bring your enterprise to the level you desire. The following represent some of the most foundational marketing elements essential to any business. Expand upon these and you’re sure to reach some new core strength in your yoga marketing.

Online Strategies

What does your website look like? Is it mobile phone compatible? Is it simple to use? While it is easier than ever to use site building tools such as Weebly to create a website, it may make more sense to go ahead and hire a true expert able to develop the type of site you really need. Upwork and similar sites are useful spots to find talented design professionals, examine their portfolios and secure just the help you need.

For example, this Chester County Yoga website (image credit below) does a wonderful job of providing user interface and experience that flows nicely, mobile friendliness, and plenty of information about the people and activities that make the studio come to life. This makes it easy to connect with potential students looking to learn more info about the business.

Mailers & Email Lists

Once your site is running and functional, including a place on it for folks to sign up for a mailing list so that you can do targeted advertising. Inform visitors that if they sign up for the list, they will be among the first to learn about special offers and new programming. Be certain that there is an easy way for people to stop receiving emails if they choose. This way, you can avoid having your emails designated as spam messages, which can ultimately eliminate their effectiveness.

Social Sites

These days Facebook and Instagram alone can drive HUGE traffic. Set up profiles for your studio under the business name, and use it for business purposes and for nothing else. Keep politics, sports and other similar topics off of this site. This ensures that the profile is limited to yoga business only and will not run the risk of offending potential customers who may disagree with your positions on ancillary subjects.

Get your students to friend/follow your business and make sure and get lots of pics and status updates. If you’re providing a good service and making sure people know about it by staying active, the word about your studio will travel fast.

Paid Ads

If you are serving as your own marketing staff, you will need to think about creating advertisements that can be used on larger sites such as Facebook. The key is to use ads to direct folks to an informative website about the yoga programming you offer. Or, the ad could send visitors to your yoga-specific social media page so that they can gain additional facts about your business.

The advice provided above can make a big difference in the success you can achieve in terms of marketing your yoga studio. Keep focused and always bear in mind that with these tips, you will be able to boost the well-being of your business in the same way yoga uplifts your mind and body. Putting these ideas to work will surely bring the sorts of results you have always wanted, highlight the incredible services you offer and create awareness among a whole new clientele. The sky really is the limit for what can happen!

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How Summer Camps Can Benefit From Better Marketing Practices

Marketing a summer camp is much like marketing any other sort of business. The only exception is that you are going to be marketing a seasonal business since you only run it during the summer. However, no matter what demographic your summer camp is targeting, you should be able to more effectively market it utilizing the Internet and various effective strategies. Below, we will be going over some of the things that you will be able to benefit from by utilizing better marketing practices.

Benefits Of Using Effective Marketing Practices:

1. Knowing Your Target Audience.

Perhaps the major benefit you will be able to get from utilizing some of the latest and most effective marketing methods in your marketing mix would be the ability to identify and successfully reach your target audience.

Because you are going to be able to effectively analyze the market and industry of the particular summer camp you are running, it will allow you to identify the right target audience to market to. This alone is going to help boost the number of conversions you are able to get from your marketing efforts. The better you are able to target your audience, the more perceptive they will be to what you are offering.

Thus, you will be able to spend less per customer you acquire. There are plenty of different marketing strategies that can effectively help you identify the right audience and ensure that you are targeting them appropriately such as using analytics attached to landing pages and more.

2. Better Awareness.

Another significant benefit you will be able to get when you spend more effort implementing effective marketing strategies within your business will be the ability to generate much more brand awareness in total. Like any other business, your summer camp is going to depend on getting the word out about the business in general.

In order to generate this type of brand awareness, you need to focus on advertising and marketing the business in a way that will allow you to reach the right audience. For example, if your summer camp caters to all ages and demographics then perhaps you have some special features you can highlight to help target some more specific attention and separate you from the rest. Or, if you cater best to a specific market such as sports or outdoors then you want to make sure that the activities, photos and verbiage you use reflects that. By utilizing various brand awareness campaigns and techniques, you should be able to get more people familiar with your summer camp and generate more prospective customers as a direct result.

3. Less Wasted Resources.

Another significant benefit your old-fashioned summer camp can benefit from better and more effective marketing practices would be through less wasted resources. Many summer camps end up wasting a lot of their marketing budget on ineffective or untrackable marketing strategies and initiatives. One of the best strategies used by this maine sleep away camp is a combination of social media engagement through typical channels as well as a building great web content to engage with their existing and future camper base.

By saving your marketing budget and implementing trackable strategies, you will be able to tell what is working and what might not be working as well as you would have hoped. Because of this, it will help you optimize your campaign and marketing mix to better market your business to your intended audience.

Overall, there are plenty of different ways a better marketing approach can benefit your summer camp. Not only will it decrease marketing costs in total, but it can help you learn your ideal target customer and target audience and help you boost overall brand awareness within the marketplace.


A Look Towards The Importance Of Link Building For SEO In 2018


In 2018, one thing every site designer knows is there are going to be more websites than ever before, just like every year. That means more links and more competition, and link building is often suggested as an increasingly important SEO strategy moving forward. You can likely understand why at least on a fundamental level, but newbies or site owners looking further into SEO need to learn the basics. Why is link building so important for SEO in 2018?

Links are an important part of the entire SEO game and how search engines find your site in the first place. That being said also mentioned by LA SEO, internal links and site growth are important, but so is networking. Networking in the form of linking to other locations is called backlinking. There are different ways to get this done, but you want good links, not just any links. You want to use white hat link building strategies, not black hat SEO tactics.

If you already know quite a lot about building relationships but have failed to address your site’s needs, then you are falling behind in 2018. It takes awhile to build links, and it is truly a never ending process. It’s not one that you should worry about nor try to do all in one day. Link building is a primary SEO strategy for site owners today that requires consistent effort.

Evaluate what you are currently doing to build links for your site. Maybe you need to create more internal links as well, and if you have yet to start a backlinking campaign, it is time to get your first one. Once you have one under your belt, you will feel much better. You will keep finding what works, and you will also be doing much more than just building those links.


Remember, building backlinks are about networking. You will be networking with other site owners in your niche, and you will be embracing an important SEO strategy for 2018. The search engines should reward you for your efforts. Just also remember that it takes time and patience, just like all other search engine optimization strategies. Furthermore, don’t forget to do everything else that you need to do to get the job done. For example, you always need to be continuing your keyword research efforts and much more. You will move your site forward if you work towards the best SEO strategies of 2018. Check out this Pasadena SEO video




Performing A Link Detox Check Using Disavow

Have you created a lot of backlinks pointing to your website only to see your rankings get demolished after a couple of weeks? This is a common scenario countless webmasters find themselves in. Everybody knows how powerful links are in terms of boosting the organic rankings. But with a shady link building strategy, you may get penalized by Google. And since Panda is now incorporated into the search algorithm, you must make sure that your link profile is always on point. Here’s how you can perform a link detox check using disavow.

For many years, Google has been using links to determine where they will rank a website. However, not all links are created equal. Back in the day, you can get away with blasting your web pages with thousands of back links to rank lightning fast in the search listings. This method is now frowned upon, both by Google and other webmasters. But what if somebody uses negative SEO to bring down your organic rankings? Or maybe you engaged in shady link building tactics in the past and want to get things right?

This is where the disavow tool comes in. Introduced in October 2012, this tool is designed by Google to allow webmasters to essentially tell the algorithm not to count links from specific websites. This is a great way to recover from Google penalties and regain your rankings. Since you cannot do anything about other people using negative SEO, this tool is a must have in your SEO toolkit.

Of course, you must perform a thorough link audit to determine how your link profile looks. This can be easily done on the Google Search Console or using a third-party back link checker. Your goal is to find any links you do not want to be associated with. This involves manually checking the links, which means it entails a significant time investment. But if you want to achieve the highest organic ranking possible, this is necessary in order to clean up your link profile.

After finding low quality links, it’s time to disavow them. It’s all a matter of uploading a text file containing the URLs of websites you don’t want your website to be associated with. From there, the disavow tool does the rest. You can start resting comfortably knowing that your website is no longer judged by the algorithm based on those shady back links. This simple link detox check using disavow can be all you need to get out of any Google penalty and rank your website once again.


Tips On How To Perform An On-Site SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most critical things that you can focus on implementing into your business in today’s marketplace. Thus, it is essential that you concentrate on trying to maximize your exposure in the search engines by applying the right kinds of on and off-site SEO. The best way to ensure that you are achieving the right amount of on-site SEO is by performing or having someone else conduct an on-site SEO audit on your website. Below, we will be going over some of the different ways that you are going to be able to do this, and we will also discuss some of the various benefits of doing so.

Tips On How To Perform An On-Site SEO Audit:

1. Plugins.

One of the best ways to really get a good feel for your website and it’s on site SEO implementation is by installing and using one of the pre-built plugins that were built for this very reason. By using something like this, you should be able to get a good read on what your website is doing right, what it needs to improve, and what you can do to maximize your results. Using one of these kinds of plugins or tools is going to allow you to really be able to get a thorough site crawl which can help determine some areas that you are going to want to work on. There are either paid or free plugins that can help assist you with this kind of thing. Whether you are using WordPress or another CMS platform, you should be able to find one suitable for your needs.

2. Performance Overview.

Another important thing that you are going to want to do and look at when you are trying to audit your website is to look at the performance overview. The best way to do this is by using different kinds of tools such as Google Page Speed to check to see how fast a page load and the other kinds of stats that can help determine how effective your website is concerning it’s on site optimization. The speed that your site and each page have is going to be one of the final determining factors when it comes to your site’s rankings on the search engines.

By following the tips above, you should be able to adequately analyze and perform a thorough SEO audit on your website.


Top Tips For White Hat SEO and Link Building

When it comes to maximizing your results with marketing online, you are going to want to place a significant emphasis on attempting to get your website ranking as high as possible on the search engines for particular and related keywords and key phrases well used within your market. Thus, you want to be sure that you are implementing effective SEO and link building strategies. Google and other search engines have been cracking down on websites that have been using various forms of ‘unacceptable’ SEO strategies to effectively ‘game’ the system and algorithm. Below, we will be going over some of the top tips for white hat SEO and link building.

Top Tips For White Hat SEO and Link Building:

1. Blog Commenting.

When it comes to effective link building strategies, one of the most efficient is blog commenting. You want to be sure that you are extremely active within the online community as it relates to your respective market. That way, not only are you able to tap into their existing traffic and communities, but you are also able to lay down some high-quality links. By doing this, you should be able to build excellent and high quality back links that can propel your analytics and overall rankings. This is a great way to get high-quality links that are deemed acceptable by Google and other search engines ‘eyes.’

2. Press Submissions.

Another thing that you are going to want to do when it comes to link building is focused on news presentations and trying to get reputable sources and websites to feature your articles or content. By doing this, you should be able to build very high quality backlinks that can help propel you high within the search engines and allow you to maximize your overall rankings as a direct result.

Overall, there is a lot that you can do in this market to build high-quality links and not have to resort to spamming or using black hat techniques. Black hat techniques are only going to hinder your website’s progress regarding your strategy to gain in the ranks in your respective market. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter and more efficient at weeding through the good and the bad websites and strategies. Therefore, follow the tips in this, and you should be able to maximize your results.